📻 News

📅 30 JUN 2018
🚀 Beta 2 is here!
In this version we've added a lot of new features and improvements.
📅 Calendar view
We've added a super simple calender view for timeline so you can get a full idea of your month, it will also show the number of tasks for each day.You can add tasks to a day directly just by clicking on a date.
📃 Backlog
Some of you wanted unfinished tasks to roll over to next day but some of you did not wanted things to pile up 😥, So we've added backlog! now you can see all your unfinished tasks for previous days with a single click from any page!
📥 Floating tasks
Put your quick ideas in the floating task list, then later you can decide whether to add it to a date or a list.Its basically your capture basket.
💯 List count
Any list/ dates/ calendar will now show you the number of unfinished tasks in them.
⌛ Work time bar
This will help you to get an idea of how much work time you have for today, so when its red you know you gotta hurry up! your start and end time is configurable from settings, you can turn the whole thing off if you like.
🔊 Sounds
We've added a few sounds in the app, when you complete a task you will get a ti-ding! also when you only have 25% time left, you will get a sound as well. You can turn sounds on or off from the settings.
🐾 Move task
In the last version only due date was changeable but not the todo list of a task, now you can move tasks to any list you like or move to unlisted to put it in the floating list from task options and without having to drag them.
🌑 Better dark theme
The new dark theme is sweet!
💄 Design improvements
We made the desgin of the whole app more cute and consistent.
🔓 Paid plan
We have a paid plans now, you might be thinking, why is that important, with revenue coming in we don't have to worry about shutting it down and also it will help us make tidily even better and expand to other platforms. Also if you are a user since the last version then we got you covered 😉 check the payment page from your options window for the surprise.
❤️ Earn free tasks
You don't always have to buy tasks from us..Whenever someone joins tidily from your special link you will get free tasks! Check your payment page for more info.
💣 Account delete option
We support GDPR (a new law for privacy), So we added an option to delete your whole account with ease and also removed any technical jargon from our privacy policy and made it simple.
Removed mark important
The option for marking task as important with a black star was one of the least used features, so we removed it for now.We will be adding a better way to label tasks in a future release.
Removed hide checkbox
Just like mark as important, hide checkbox was one of the least used features, But our future releases may bring back the functionality in a better and more usable way.
Removed google calendar link
It was a bit hacky honestly, we are trying to add a better sync solution in a future release.
Removed timeline list view
Timeline list view was no way different from daily kanban view, so we've replaced the list view with the new calendar view.