Tidily.io | todo / task manager
What is it?
Tidily.io is a web based to-do list that is simple to use and has only the most essential features like tags, color coding, tasks by dates, multiple views like kanban and grid, themes etc. It does not have any magical features or anything, the goal was to make a practical, functional tool to accomplish tasks without getting distracted by hundreds of unnecessary features.
Features :
daily kanban
color coding
Pricing? it's free
Our pricing is simple.. it's free forever if you join during the beta, we will add a pro version with some extra features to support the project so that it keeps going but if you join during beta every features currently available will be free forever 😊
Pricing :
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What’s Next?
We want to constantly improve the app without making the interface complex or by adding any unnecessary features. So some upcomming features in next few months are:
Calendar view for tasks (currently has daily kanban and list view)
List view for todos (currently has grid and kanban view)
Dropbox integration
Labels for Task
Better google calendar integration
Repeat tasks
Direct copy tasks/todos
And many more from our roadmap list..